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Promise Rejuvenation Center at The Villages, provides a variety of customized anti-aging, weight loss, and integrative medicine therapy solutions — to help you look, feel and live better.

If you’re considering integrative medicine, call us and feel confident knowing that your treatment will be conducted in our safe, compassionate environment, by highly trained integrative healthcare professionals. That’s the Promise difference.

Integrative Medicine Services

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Sexual Health
Brain Health
Weight Loss Programs
Bioidentical Hormone Restoration
Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
IV Therapies and Nutrient Injections
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Why Choose Promise?

At Promise Rejuvenation our healthcare professionals are experienced and highly trained in the specialized field of integrative medicine and are always committed to making sure our patients receive safe, competent and compassionate care. Many of our competitors do not have physician supervision or in many cases the overseeing physician does not have the proper training.

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Doctor Lena Edwards MD


Chief Medical Officer, Promise Rejuvenation

With two decades of experience in internal and integrative medicine, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lena Edwards, is proficient in many fields including hormone pellet placement, bioidentical hormones, and IV nutrient therapies.

With her level of medical credentials and experience, our patients should always feel confident in her care.

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Nationally Recognized Wellness
You Can Trust

As an affiliate of Promise Healthcare, a national hospital company and longstanding member of The Villages community, we have a keen understanding of the unique wellness needs of patients living in The Villages and surrounding communities.

We are the only medical center in The Villages that offers patients the opportunity to work with a Board Certified Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging Expert, Dr. Lena Edwards, Promise Rejuvenation’s Chief Medical Officer. We pride ourselves in offering our patients unique programs to assist them in achieving wellness and healthy longevity. We set the standard of excellence by partnering with our patients and providing them with high quality, individualized medical care, patient education, and expert physician oversight.

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Considering integrative medicine?

Call Promise Rejuvenation and feel confident that your treatment will be conducted in our safe, compassionate environment, by highly trained integrative healthcare professionals. That’s the Promise difference.

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Customized Wellness Solutions

Our customized wellness solutions provide high quality, compassionate care for patients looking to improve and rejuvenate the body, through weight loss, anti-aging, and integrative medicine therapy solutions.

The scope of our services will help you to achieve a healthy longevity. We specialize in:

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It’s never too late to start feeling better and living healthier. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to schedule your complimentary consultation. We’ll tell you more about our services, answer any questions you have, and discuss how Promise Rejuvenation can change your life. Or call (352) 430-3397 to speak with a team member.